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Dick Van Patten
Dick Van Patten as seen in the about us section of natural balanced dog food.

Natural Balance is a trusted dog food as it has been in existence from a long time. Based in Burbank, California, natural balance dog food has been in existence from almost 27 years. The company was started by Dick Van Patten back in 1989.

Dick Van Patten is famous American actor, born in New York and died in California, where he founded the nutrients based pet food.

The company claims to be research based pet food provider as their products are based upon sound scientific principles and have been widely used by dog trainers and experts from around the world.

The natural balance provides 14 dry foods for dogs at the time of this article, each claimed to meet AAFCO nutrient profilesfor all life stages.

Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Fish
Natural Balance LID Legume and Duck Meal
Natural Balance LID Potato and Duck Puppy
Natural Balance LID Legume and Wagyu Beef
Natural Balance LID Lamb Meal and Brown Rice
Natural Balance LID Potato and Duck
Natural Balance LID Potato and Kangaroo
Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Chicken
Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Bison
Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Venison
Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Fish Small Breed Bites
Natural Balance LID Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Small Breed Bites
Natural Balance LID Potato and Duck Small Breed Bites
Natural Balance LID Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Large Breed Bites

Natural Balance have a full confidence in the quality of their quality and they want their customers to have similar level of confidence. To let their users have confidence, they enabled  Buy With Confidence program. They claim that they test their products in safety test laboratory to ensure its credibility.

Natural Balance

The laboratory test make sure as they test following nine things.

Alfatoxin : These are naturally occurring toxin that are usually produced by fungi. There are several hundred types of Alfatoxin which could be found usually in corn, wheat etc. These fungi could be found worldwide and mostly their existence occur based on favorable temperature, humidity and soil conditions. Natural Balance safety test laboratory try to make sure that these fungi are not present in their food, to ensure customer confidence.

Cyanuric acid : This is chemical component of disinfects. These kind of chemicals components usually caused threats for pets back in 2007. They are toxic and lead to serious consequences for the pets. A test is done in the lab in order to ensure the food is cyanuric acid free.

Vomitoxin : Vomitoxin are also called DON or deoxynivalenol are usually found in soil or plants. These are usually found in barley, oats, etc. These causes several gastrointestinal diesease when your pet injects in sufficient amount. This causes severe diseases both to humans and pets. The tests make sure the dog food from natural balance is vomitoxin free.

STEC:  STEC, abbreviated from Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia Coli, are large and diverse group of bacteria that could be found in almost all places in the world. These bacteria are highly responsible to cause food poisoning and digestion problem in your dogs. Severe consequences could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and blood discharge from stool leading to kidney failure and even death after irreversible injury. Certainly a food provider from such a lon time would keep away these bacteria from their products and natural balance does so in order to keep their customer confidence level high.

Fumonisin : These are toxins produced by Fusarium Molds. These are mainly found in grain. Although most species of these molds are harmless or cause lesser damage, but some when enter the food chain, may cause some minor diseases to your pets. These molds are ensured to be kept away as the distributions only start once the product pass the laboratory tests.

Melamine : Melamine are chemical compound that are used to economically enhance materials as these chemical compound make material look like they have high protein. The crystals formed because of Melamine could cause renal failure after being deposited in animal kidney. To make natural balance dog food safer, the tests are done to ensure Melamine’s absence from their products.

Ochratoxin : These are usually found in grains and could prove to be toxic on intake. The Natural balance food are Ochratoxin free as they verify on a laboratory test.

Salmonella SPP : These are group of bacteria that transmits to animals and humans through contaminated food. These bacteria cause diarrhea, nausea and could lead to loss of apetite for your dogs. While most animals get rid of these diseases after mild symptoms, some lead to being hospitalized. Salmonella SPP are tested and the product is distributed with confidence.

Zearalenone : These are large genus of fungi found widely in the world. These are usually found in soil, however most species are harmless. However some species cause illness on intake and could effect mammalian health. The laboratory tests make sure Zearalenone are absent before the products are distributed in the market.

The above nine tests make sure the food is contamination free. While some species and chemical component could lead to minor illness, some lead to major illness and could even cause death. Natural balance dog food could make their customer in confidence that the product they buy for their lovable pets are in-toxic and they could shop with confidence.

A collection of reviews from regular customers speaks the quality of Natural balance dog food. It comes with experience and carries legacy in the pet food industry. You could shop with confidence when you plan to purchase any product from Natural Balance, either it be for your dog, cat or any other pet you own.

The fact that each product is distributed only after series of laboratory tests ensure your mammalian health safety. You could completely rely on the quality you would get for the price you pay.

Most buyers are satisfied with what they get and the reviews are pretty good which could help you build confidence on this product.

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