Senior Dog found online after missing 2 years

Captain Ron is a senior dog who was rescued and taken to the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, some two years ago.


The dog was taken as older stray with health issues and was made the permanent member of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary after three-day hold period. Usually the old dogs are not adapted, so the home-based sanctuary is the place where these dogs go.

Captain Roy is a popular dog in the Sanctuary that usually posts his photo in the group’s Facebook page. Luckily the social media post caught attention from special people, this time, Captain Ron’s family.

The family reached out to the shelter and confirmed that the actual name of the 13 year old Ron was Oscar. He lived in a farm with sheep and goats. He had an infection on his eyes and was sick when he disappeared.

The owner agreed that the new canine family was the best place for Captain Ron in coming days where he lived with 50 other dogs.

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