Inventors Create ‘Selfie Sticks for Dogs’

Not a selfie stick exactly, but inventors create a tennis ball attached to the phone that encourage animals to look at the phone during photo sessions.

Pooch selfie
This picture was taken with Pooch Selfie

Peoppoochle often miss out on a woo moment as their pet look right away when they hit the shutter. Putting a ball or a treat in one hand and camera on the other is popular traditional technique to make your dog look at the camera. However San Diego company, pooch selfie has apparently solved out the problem.


Pooch selfie was first started as a fun project, but when the inventor Jason Hernandez found out that the idea could have been marketable, he started a crowdfunding project and collected over $35000 to get up for his startup.

The device is designed for Android and iphone, however works with all smartphones.

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