Dog that hospitalized women to be euthanized

A dog that escaped his owner’s home and mauled an Oakland women, hospitalized her was euthanized Tuesday, according to a city official.

dangerous pit bull

The attack occurred monday morning in the 4800 block of Lowry Road when the dog escaped from its owner’s home and attacked a neighbor women. The severity of the injured women was not available but it was severe enough for her to get admitted to the hospital.

The dog was 4-year-old, unneutered male pit bull mix, gray and white in color as described by the district police officer. Meanwhile the police also informed that the dog’s owner has been doing everything possible to cooperate with the authorities.

The victim was doing her yard work when the pit bull approached to her and grabbed her arms around its jaw. She made a large painful noise as the dog did not easily let go the women, one of the neighbor told the local newspaper.

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