Dog Activist use Violence to Steal Dog from poor beggar, the end will melt your heart

It was back in Paris some years ago when this happened. Dog activists used their force to take away a puppy from a poor beggar. The beggar and the dog passed out time together and his puppy was his only friend.

The dog activist, one man and a woman assumed that the puppy would not get proper care from the poor beggar who found it hard even to feed himself. In order to rescue the dog, the activists requested to take away the puppy and place him on shelter.

The beggar’s only friend was not being separated, however the beggar did not want him to live. Ultimately he refused their offer and asked to keep the puppy himself.

The activist use force to take way the puppy and run away letting the poor beggar chase them. The beggar could not keep the puppy himself and forcefully had to stay away from his puppy.

The end of this story could not be anymore happier as the puppy who got proper food and care in the dog shelter preferred to be with his power owner. Two weeks later the dog ran away from the dog care shelter and got back to its beggar owner.

You can watch the video how the activists decided to take away the dog.

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