This cute dog stabbed its owner with a knife

A dog in Colorado stabbed her own owner with a knife. The injury to the owner’s hand was so severe that she had to rush to the hospital.

The knife Mia used to stab her owner.

The dog was Mia, one and half years old Chesapeake Bay retriever who picked up a freshly sharpened paring knife with her mouth from the kitchen. The dog ran the knife to its owner, Celinda Haynes and cut a big old gash on her left forearm.

Haynes offered the dog treats in hope that Mia would drop the knife, but unfortunately when she went over to eat the treat, she ran the knife across her arm.

The wound caused in the incident

The hospital reported the incident as a Domestic violence, and police went on to Haynes’ house for investigation. They found blood all over the house and were surprised to believe that it was dog who stabbed her. As a part of their investigations, police even called Haynes’ husband who was at the department of motor vehicles at the time of incident.

Mia was forgiven and was not charged because she was a dog, deputy officer Zach Johnson informed. However Mia did not learn anything from the incident as she often picks up knife out of the block.

Mia and her owner Haynes
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