These Military Dogs are killed and piled like Trash after end of Contract

While there are many rules being made and activists working hard for Dog rights, Eastern security in Kuwait is killing the bomb sniffing squad after their contract ends up.


Eastern Security is American Security company that has killed almost 24 bomb sniffing dogs as they were no longer needed when Eastern Securities’ contract with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) ran out.

The horrifying images were first revealed through social media, while The CEO of Eastern securities admitted to the Post that images of these dead dogs were real. They were euthanized because they were old and ill, while some had tumors, the CEO claimed.


Animal rights activist campaigner Esmail Al Misri has claimed that the number could rise to 90. He also informed that the dogs were to be humanely euthanize but one worker ‘jumped the gun’ and killed them in one go.

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