15 Ways to Keep your Dog Happy

Yes you love your dog, they are part of your family. Dogs have sense and they have feelings. There are ways you could keep your dogs happy, there are certain things that your dog love. Here are 20 most common things you could do in order to make your dog happy.


  1. Take a Road Trip : This is one of the most common way you could keep your dog happy. Take your dog for ride to the nearest ice-cream shop or to the post office. No matter where, it will certainly love to walk with you.
  2. Hit them Water : No matter what breed you have, every dog loves to play with water. So either take your dog to the nearby pond, or let it play through puddle, your dog will certainly remember the time you would let it spend in water. You could even let your dog enter the pool, it will certainly be happy.
  3. Take it to the Road Trip : Take your dog to a long drive road trip and reserve the window seat to your fur baby. Roll down the window glasses, your dog will certainly enjoy the cold breeze that enters through the window.
  4. Enjoy Sunrise : Exercise with your dog and enjoy sunrise with your pet, it will certainly love it.
  5. Walk With your Dog : Walk to your neighbor, to the grocery, to the nearby places, to get your kids from the school bus. Not just your dog, even you will enjoy the time.
  6. Dance for your Dog : You may be surprised to know this but even some dance moves makes your dog feel good.
  7. Learn their body language : Learn their body language so that you would get the basic message they are trying to communicate. This will certainly help you understand your dog and make them happy.
  8. Let him sniff : Let your dog sniff around you.
  9. Feed to Size : The food and nutrition usually varies with the weight and dog’s size. Understand the nutrition your dog must get, study the breed and feed them accordingly. Healthy feeding definitely makes your dog healthy and happy.
  10. Sleep with you : Let your dog sleep with you in your bed. This will not only make them happy bust also help you establish a greater bond with your dog. They are not just dogs, they are your friends. According to a research, letting your dogs sleep with you have some benefits for you as well.
  11. Let them play with your children : Dogs loves taking care of human babies. Let your babies play with your dog. They will have mutual happiness.
  12. Brush their teeth : Yes you heard it right, the dog’s dental care could keep them rid of gum diseases, ultimately keeping them happy.
  13. Clean the ears : You should keep dog hygiene and keep their ears clean.
  14. Cut their nails : You should clip its claws in order to prevent discomfort. The longer claws not only hampers your floor but also it is also discomfort for your dogs.
  15. Play in Rain : Your dogs loves water, so sometimes when it rains, play with them in rains. Dont do this for long time as it may make you as well as your dogs sick.
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