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    Anna Maria Ranieri, Pit bull,

    Montreal delivered death sentence to thousands of dogs

    The Montreal city voted 37-23 in favor of pit bull being banned in the Canadian city. The decision could be equivalent to a death sentence to thousands of pit bulls in Canada. The Montreal SPCA takes about 2000 dogs in the city shelter every year, and Alanna Devine of the SPCA says about 700 of them meet the standards […]

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    Pit Bull

    Pit Bull Ownership banned in Montreal

    The Montreal city has passed pit bull ban in the city nearly three months after a brutal attack which caused a women’s life in the city. The contentious decision was passed after a final vote was 37-23 in favor of the ban on Tuesday. The bylaw vote was supposed to take place on Monday but was rescheduled to […]

  • captain-ron

    Senior Dog found online after missing 2 years

    Captain Ron is a senior dog who was rescued and taken to the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, some two years ago. The dog was taken as older stray with health issues and was made the permanent member of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary after three-day hold period. Usually the old dogs […]

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    Cristiano Ronaldo Welcomes new Dog into his family

    Cristiano Ronaldo buys a new puppy and poses with it along with his son on Instagram. The 31 years old Portuguese welcomes new Pug to his family. Ronaldo might have promised his son something because the Real Madrid forward visited a kennel shortly after a draw where he was seen clearly unhappy after being substituted […]

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    College Footballer Suspended for Punching dog on the face

    A Missouri State quarterback was suspended for allegedly punching his friend’s dog three times in the face. The punch eventually broke the jaw and broke his teeth. Breck Ruddick, 20 years old, was benched after it was known through a social media post that he conducted violence against his friend’s  Australian Shepherd. The dog named Luca […]

  • aggressive bullmastiff

    Ottawa Police Shoots Dog after it attacks father and infant

    Ottawa Police shoots and kill a dog after it tried to attack a man and his one year old infant son in Sandy Hill, Friday evening. Police were called around 6:30 pm following a report of dog attack, a statement released by Ottawa Police read. The police arrived to the neighborhood after notifications to notice […]

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    Pooch selfie

    Inventors Create ‘Selfie Sticks for Dogs’

    Not a selfie stick exactly, but inventors create a tennis ball attached to the phone that encourage animals to look at the phone during photo sessions. People often miss out on a woo moment as their pet look right away when they hit the shutter. Putting a ball or a treat in one hand and […]

  • chinese-coco

    Son of Chinese Billionaire buys his dog 8 iphone 7s

    Apple fans lined up across China in order to get new iphone 7 or iphone 7s, but a dog named Coco, owned to the son of Chinese Billionaire did not need to worry about his. The owner of the dog, Wang Sicong, son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin bought his Alaskan malamute 8 iphone 7s, the […]

  • dangerous pit bull

    Dog that hospitalized women to be euthanized

    A dog that escaped his owner’s home and mauled an Oakland women, hospitalized her was euthanized Tuesday, according to a city official. The attack occurred monday morning in the 4800 block of Lowry Road when the dog escaped from its owner’s home and attacked a neighbor women. The severity of the injured women was not available but […]